It’s A Catamaran Seller’s Market: List Your Cat Now!

It’s A Catamaran Seller’s Market! 

We cannot stress this enough. Catamaran sales are ON FIRE! There have never been so many factors that all at once are influencing the market so positively for sellers. These factors are driving yacht sales to levels seldom ever seen and there has never been a better time to sell your yacht. These are some of the things to influence the buying frenzy: 

  • Covid-19 Pandemic: The pandemic is a big driver of this boat buying frenzy. People want to get outdoors and since they cannot travel overseas, boating is the best recreational activity to get out and accommodate their own social pod without the danger of contracting Covid. We have seen unprecedented bookings for charters on crewed yachts in the last year since the pandemic started and our crewed catamarans are booked solid going forward for the next year.

  • Lifestyle Changes: We have also seen a record number of people give up their corporate jobs during the pandemic, sold their homes and have moved on to live aboard a boat. Some are simply enjoying the freedom of finally being able to travel and enjoy their hard-earned retirement and others choose to make a living on their boat by chartering it themselves while enjoying paradise. So, the demand for good catamarans is high, particularly cats from 42ft and up.

  • Low Inventory: Another factor that plays a big part in this buying frenzy is that there is an extremely low inventory of good quality owner’s version catamarans on the pre-owned market. We have a fair supply of used charter version catamarans with maximum cabins that will work well for a couple with children but of course most couples much prefer the owner’s versions for live aboard. There are just not enough of them and cruising couples will pay a premium for the owner’s versions, which is great news for sellers.

“We already have our boat under contract in one day with two backup offers waiting,” said Jim & Linda, one day after their Lagoon 400 owner’s version was listed. The broker is inundated with requests to view the boat! This is the same story with virtually any catamaran that is well equipped and in great shape.

  • Scarcity: Manufacturers of new catamarans have experienced delays in production due to a shortage of building materials and equipment. This is a direct result of delays in deliveries of materials and equipment from across the globe due to a breakdown in the supply line (shipping) as well as factories being slowed down due to Covid shutdowns etc. New boats are therefor scarce! This drives up the demand for good pre-owned cats, as well as push the prices up significantly. The ever-popular Lagoon 450 easily fetches $650,000, even at five years old!

All these factors contribute to an environment for very brisk pre-owned boat sales. If your catamaran is an owner’s version in good condition, is priced right, and marketed properly, it will sell fast.

Catamaran Guru Brokerage Sales has a proven track record of being able to sell catamarans quickly and for the highest amount possible. We don’t only get your boat advertised across the internet, we also list your yacht for sale on the MLS systems like and Our social media presence across several platforms is very strong and we get your boat in front of thousands of people on social media. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to sell your boat, call us to get started at 1-(954) 249-9764 or fill out the form on this page with your information. We are confident we can get your catamaran sold!


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