How To Buy A Yacht: Broker’s Tips & Questionnaire

yacht broker tips for buying a catamaran yachtTrying to Figure Out How to Buy a Yacht?

We can help. As experienced yacht brokers and liveaboard catamaran owners ourselves, we can help you realize your cruising dreams safely and comfortably while maintaining as much of your investment as possible. Whether you are a cruiser looking for a comfortable, well priced, well-equipped catamaran or want to reduce the cost of ownership by placing your catamaran in a charter fleet, we have the expertise to help you. We have personally cruised and owned charter boats so we can help you avoid the pitfalls and maximize the joy of owning a catamaran.

Here’s the Easy Way to Buy a Yacht: Work with Us!

    • We give you an analysis of the yachts you are currently considering to help you understand key points of design and construction quality, seaworthiness and safety, speed and comfort.
    • We guide you to estimate your total cost of ownership, considering purchase price, possible refitting, annual maintenance, and resale value (exit strategy).
    • We evaluate the market for the same or similar yachts and give recommendations on price.
    • We give you a list of qualified and unbiased marine surveyors who provide yacht services in your area.
    • We review the survey with you and recommend offer price and repair negotiations.
    • We evaluate the current equipment on board and recommend any additional equipment needed for how you want to use your yacht.
    • We recommend documentation/registration agents and discuss offshore flagging and tax implications.
    • We recommend insurance companies for offshore cruising yacht insurance.

Find out More About How to Buy a Yacht

To give us a better idea of what type of yacht you are looking for, copy the yacht buying questions below, paste them into an email, answer them, then email your answers to us here.

    • How soon do you plan to purchase a yacht?
    • What is your total budget for purchasing, repairing, refitting and outfitting?
    • What are your three top choices of yacht manufacturers (and models, if you know)?
    • Do you have to sell a boat before purchasing a new one?
    • What is your level of sailing experience?
    • What are your cruising destination plans and timeframe?
    • What features are most important to you on a yacht?
    • What are the least important features to you on a yacht?

Once we receive your list of answers, we will get back to you with some suggestions and a path forward to buying a catamaran.

Meanwhile, read some of the articles in our Yacht Buying Guide & Tips.


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