Fractional Yacht Owner Use

Owner use is shared equally between the owners according to the number of members. Owner access is allocated fairly to ensure that all owners can optimize the use of the yacht and that all the owners get quality time on the yacht to meet their needs or desires.

  • Owner Use Reservations: Owners will reserve time on a reservation system on first come basis (Member A, Member B etc.) with limitations. Dates are decided upon via an equal reservation system well in advance. The first co-owner who signs up becomes “A” in the rotation, the second person “B,” and so on during the first year. The next year, the co-owner who was “A” and had first choice becomes “E”
  • Owner Use Limitations: It is envisaged that the maximum continuous owner use will be two weeks per year per owner
  • Owner Competency: A competency check will be done with each owner after which owners will operate the vessel as their private yacht. No captain or further supervision will be required once competency is established (training is available should the owner wish to improve skills). If owners wish to hire captains for their use, they may do so at their own cost.
  • Reciprocal Use: The plan is to develop co-ownership bases in other locations that will create a reciprocal owner use option. Potential locations currently being investigated –Bahamas (Marsh Harbor), Puerto Rico, Annapolis, USVI (St Thomas). To start, the only location will be Fort Lauderdale, which has easy access to the Bahamas and the Florida Keys cruising grounds.


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