Converting from a Manual to Electric Head

How to Convert from A Manual Flush to Electric Head

converting from a manual flush head to an electric toilet on your boatAboard your boat, conversion of manual flush toilets to electric toilets is a relatively easy process. The plumbing remains the same as long as you choose to keep the water used for flushing the same. In the case of a boat that is normally used in bluewater, salt water is appropriate. If the boat will be used more often in brackish/bay water it may be a good idea to switch to freshwater flush as it reduces the common toilet smell prevalent on boats.

We suggest the use of the Jabsco Quiet Flush unit when converting to the automatic flush toilet.

Basic Steps to Converting to an Electric Head

You will remove the entire head itself to install a new Jabsco Quiet flush unit. In some cases, a conversion kit option is available, but often only a $ 30 difference between an entire unit and a conversion kit makes sense to go all new. Only the toilet is removed and all the old plumbing is used to connect the new toilet.

The new requirement for your electric head is a power source, normally the house battery bank. The toilet will require a dedicated breaker. A new flush switch is installed in an appropriate location for flushing the new toilet.

YouTube video

Expect a conversion to take between 5-8 hours depending on wire runs and any possible complications and the experience of the installer.

More Information About Electric Heads

The video at right is a helpful overview of all the detail steps required to convert a manual flush head to electric.

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