Deep Discounts on Catamarans!

The Catamaran Guru is a brand-independent yacht brokerage working with various charter management companies and yacht brands to bring our boat-buying clients the programs and boat models that are best for their situation and goals. Catamaran Guru is no longer affiliated with Dream Yacht (DYC).

Catamaran Guru has recently teamed up with Dream Yacht Charters to exclusively sell catamarans into their worldwide fleet. They need new catamarans in their BVI and Bahamas fleets especially and have therefore given us an extraordinarily great deal for our customers.

  •  they are offering a  45% discount on the regular price of a catamaran.
  •  you will have no expenses for 7 years (dockage, insurance & maintenance is covered by DYC)
  •  you get up to 12 weeks owner use / year
  •  reciprocal use on similar catamarans at 31 bases worldwide.
  •  they are dealers for all the major brands like Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot or Catana

Dream Yacht Charters also offers our clients the option of making use of the “Defiscalisation Program” from the French Government which will pay 55% of your yacht. The yacht has to go into a charter fleet for 7 years on a French Island or territory like Martinique or Guadeloupe. This offer is even valid for Americans, Canadians, British, or any other nationality. The French government’s goal is to stimulate the economies in their Overseas Territories by providing incentives for charter companies to locate charter yachts there and thus creating employment through tourism. If you are not able to use your boat on a regular basis for the next 7 years, this program is for you!

  •  you get a deeply discounted catamaran
  •  no expenses for 7 years
  •  up to 12 weeks owner use / year  
  •  reciprocal use in 31 bases around the world on similar catamarans
  •  guaranteed annual income

Contact us for more detailed information on these and other programs with Dream Yacht Charters.


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