Craig Allison Joins Cat Guru Team

Craig Allison after-sales service and chief of operations at catamaran guru

Craig rounds out the Catamaran Guru team as Company Operations Officer and After-Sales Support Expert

Meet Craig Allison, who you may already know as the owner of Maz Ocean. Craig is well-known as an expert leader in his field and we are excited to have him join us to further enhance our boat owners’ experiences. 

He joined our team in late 2022 to head up our After-Sales Support team as well as company operations. Craig and his Maz Ocean team were natural fits in a strategic partnership for the Catamaran Guru. 

This collaboration has enabled us to complete the vision of Catamaran Guru providing a full one-stop service to all our yacht owners. Maz Ocean specializes in all types of refits including marine electronics, electrical upgrades, security monitoring systems, and renewable energy systems like solar and lithium-ion battery installations. Now their experienced team of ABYC and NMEA certified technicians will provide warranty service and after-sales service to all our boat buyers.

To manage the after sales experience, Craig has generated a personalized Catamaran Guru After Sales Dashboard hub for each owner. This dashboard serves as the owner’s new vessel’s information hub. This allows owners, their captains, and /or charter companies to track progress in real time from delivery to after-market installations to warranty work and beyond. This dashboard also provides boat owners the convenience of precise and accurate records at the click of a button.

Stay tuned for more exciting technology upgrades for our yacht owners!

After Market Installations

We offer an extensive menu of services. Give us a call or drop us an email to set up a consultation to discuss your requirements and propose a solution to meet your specific needs. Reference CG.

  • electronics
  • electrical upgrades
  • monitoring systems
  • renewable energy systems, i.e. solar and lithium-Ion battery installations
  • lightning surveys and repairs
  • full warranty and after sales service and more to all CG customers
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