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chartersavvy magazine is an excellent resource for bareboat charterersThe bareboat yacht charter industry is very competitive. All the yacht charter companies will have you believe that their company is the best. They claim to have the best and shiniest boats, the best locations, and the best service. and it will all be “light breezes, sandy beaches, and fruity drinks”.

Well, chartering a bareboat certainly is a dream vacation and most companies strive to do their best but one has to be wary of the glossy ads, do lots of research and make informed decisions.

If you are a bareboat charterer, then CharterSavvy Magazine is your resource! The magazine is a free online quarterly and exclusively devoted to bareboat chartering. You’ll find interesting features about bareboat charter worldwide, great reviews of popular charter boats, locations and other products of interest to charterers. It is chockful with insider tips on everything from itineraries to the best local pubs, gear to take and not-to-miss sights. It will entertain and educate anyone interested in bareboat chartering!


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