Catamaran Review: Fountaine Pajot Mahe 36

Chris Caswell from Chartersavvy spent time on a Mahe 36 Evolution sailing catamaran and not only does he like this pocket-sized catamaran a lot, he seems to think it is “cute”. After three years in production and 120 or more sold, Fountaine Pajot redesigned the catamaran with more upgrades with features similar to their bigger catamarans. The most obvious change is the full-length hardtop bimini, a great feature for this size cat. The Mahe 36 is small enough for a couple to safely and easily handle her under sail and is easy to dock. With less than four feet of draft, one can anchor in the shallower waters closer to shore. The accommodations are more than ample and the pre-owned Mahe’s on the market are a very reasonable buy! Read his review of the Mahe 36 and find out why he thinks it is a “cute” catamaran.

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