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At the Annapolis boat show, we were fortunate to meet Todd Patterson, owner of B&G Yacht Management in Soper’s Hole on Tortola. We found his experience impressive and thought it a good idea to share with our followers and clients who might need help with their boats in the BVI. Our clients with charter boats have all the minutia of boat ownership taken care of for them. And when they are ready to enjoy their owners’ weeks, all they have to do is go and maybe do a little provisioning. But those who do not place their boats in charter are left to take care of all the details before, during, and after cruising. But, after meeting Todd, we found out that in the BVI, there is an excellent option.

Tailor Your Yacht Management Program

Perhaps the best feature that jumped out at us about B&G’s services is that they are extremely flexible. You can choose to have them do everything or only parts of their standard program. They partner with the yacht owner to ensure the boat is safe, operable, and seaworthy as well as sailor-worth with all onboard systems working. The standard winter season package includes the following for 8 months (November – June):

  • Dockage and utilities
  • Daily visual checks
  • Twice monthly airing out, turning on the engines, and turning the prop
  • Around-the-clock security
  • Yacht maintenance:
    • Mechanical
    • Electricial
    • Air Conditioning
    • Refrigeration
    • Plumbing
    • Rigging
    • Water Maker
    • Paint and varnish
  • Project management for refits and other third party work on your yacht

B&G also offers summer season options (July – Octobor) for on-land storage or repositioning your yacht out of the hurricane belt to another marina where your yacht will be managed.

Enjoy Your Yacht With Fewer Headaches

Yacht owners know that the immense joy of sailing is accompanied by the occasional headache. B&G helps you minimize those problems by:

  • Thorough regular inspections to identify needed repairs
  • Addressing repairs noted during your sail
  • Cleaning before and after your departure
  • Laundry services
  • Courtesy car loan to help make your provisioning much easier and faster

We recommend BVI-based yacht owners to talk with Todd or his staff to discover how they might can help them with the yacht management services. They are happy to work with owners on a customized yacht management services package that fits the owners’ needs.


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