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A boat docking simulator like Dock Your Boat by sfinx-it helps beginners or experienced sailors hone their skills in the harbor. including catamaran sailors!

Docking a sailboat is, for most “newbies”,  the most difficult maneuver to make. It is also where there are the most critical eyes watching you and sometimes worrying about their own boats sitting nearby and most of our buyers and students, always fret about docking a big catamaran.

They always seem to be intimidated by the high freeboard and wide beam.

But, by understanding the procedures and the theory behind the docking maneuvers you can quickly master the techniques to do a perfect docking.

If you can handle docking, you can handle any other maneuver situation.

The sfinx-it team are avid sailors themselves so they have a passion for helping other sailing enthusiasts learn safer, more confident docking.

Build Skills Year-Round with This Boat Docking Simulator

Practice and improve your boat docking skills even when you are not on board. With the Dock Your Boat app, you can use your iOS or Android device to experience realistic yacht handling moves. Check out the video to see how this skipper training app works. Make your mistakes virtually rather than at the dock where your investment and reputation are on the line.

Dock your Boat is an app-based game that simulates maneuvers under engine for sailing yachts with real physics action. This dry training is realistic guaranteeing real, experience-based learning. Next time you are in the harbor, feel more confident and show your fellow sailors that you are a competent captain.

Where to Get the Dock Your Boat Simulator App

This boat docking simulator is available for iOS or Android. Click below to download. Follow sfinx-it on Facebook for more information and discounts.

More Useful Notes On Docking A Catamaran

Catamaran docking
Diagram courtesy Cruising World Magazine

Docking a catamaran can and does go wrong. However, docking a catamaran with its twin propellers is a lot easier than a monohull because it has the unique ability to pivot on its center point and rotate in a complete 360° circle on its own keels without moving forward or aft.

While docking a catamaran, the rudders are centered and all the maneuvering is done with the two throttles only. There will be situations in which the wheel will be used, but because a catamaran’s twin propellers are so far apart, it is not all that necessary to use the rudders.

Don’t be discouraged or afraid to abort a docking and try again a second time or more if things don’t quite line up the way it should. Practice makes perfect when it comes to docking, so try docking a few times when the conditions are calm and where you have a bit of room.

This is FREE Catamaran Maneuvering game by NauticEd is an excellent way to understand the dual engine controls on a catamaran and to learn how to dock a catamaran with confidence.

These diagrams in an article by Tony Bessinger in Cruising World Magazine explain “How To Dock And Swing A Catamaran

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