Boat as a Business Seminars

Catamaran for Sale Starting in August we will be putting on a series of Boat as a Business seminars where we talk about this very popular program that reduces the cost of yacht ownership. We will go over the basics of the Boat as a Business Program followed by a Q & A where you can get all the information needed to make the right decision for you.

Where and When: These will be online seminars through zoom. REGISTRATION CLOSED for the dates below.

  • Aug 19 at 7 pm
  • Sept 2 at 7pm
  • Sept 16 at 7 pm
  • Sept 30 at 7 pm

Catamaran Guru has been at the forefront of developing and operating the “Yacht As A Business”, or for us, “Catamaran As A Business” concept. We have not only advocated it to our yacht-buying clients, but have personally benefitted from this program. We found that most yacht owners use this program as an avenue to acquire the cruising catamaran of their dreams for retirement at a huge discount. Others, like ourselves, use the yacht charter revenue together with the business tax deductions to reduce the costs of owning a very nice yacht that we enjoy now.

What is Catamaran Business Ownership

In short, it is a way to REDUCE THE COST OF YACHT OWNERSHIP through charter management income and tax advantages. From our own experience, this is the best way to own a yacht sooner and for less than you would ordinarily be able to do. If you are serious about creating a yacht business, Catamaran Guru’s team can be of great value to you! Stephen Cockcroft Is Recognized not only as one of the few Yacht Business Program Experts, but is also independent and brand neutral.

How Can Catamaran Guru’s Team Help You?

We guide you on your selection of the yacht to purchase and advise you through the buying process. We are completely neutral and let the client make their choice of brand, model, budget and timeline. Choices include

  1. All catamaran brands incl. Bali, Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, Nautitech
  2. Any catamaran models and layouts, including owner suite in some cases
  3. Any budget and size
  4. Upgraded equipment i.e. dinghies, water makers etc.
  5. Choice of charter companies worldwide
  6. Multiple locations and flexible owner use
  7. 5-year projection, tax schedule, and business plan
  8. We familiarize you with the current tax laws and how they apply to your particular situation.
  9. We discuss and plan your exit strategy

This business yacht ownership program is designed for flexibility and the allowable business tax deductions and yacht charter income, will largely cover the cost of the boat.

We will guide you to make a good choice to suit your individual goals.

Get educated now! Remember, your equipment/yacht must be available for service in the year the deduction is taken. Time is limited for the 2021 tax year!

The COVID pandemic has depleted inventories and availability will not last. Do your 2021 tax planning before all inventory is snapped up.


A yacht or boat business is Crewed yacht charter ownershipa fairly simple concept and is structured much like any other for profit business. By placing a yacht into a corporation (usually an LLC) and operating it actively for profit, either directly or through a third party management company, the owner is able to generate substantial tax advantages that further offset the cost of ownership. For U.S. buyers who are in high income tax brackets, this is definitely an option of ownership that should be explored.

The tax benefits must be carefully planned and documented to make sure that the business activity can withstand scrutiny. There are very specific rules and requirements that need to be complied with in order to meet the standard of actively operating a business for profit and taking tax advantages.

If you want to find out how this all works, who to use as a management company or how to operate this yourself, make your reservation asap to secure your spot at the table.


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