New Bali 5.4 Catamaran Walkthrough Video

Catamaran Guru’s Top Pick for 2018!

Estelle of Catamaran Guru and Boris Compagnon, Sales Director of Catana Group, give you a walk-through of the Bali 5.4.

If you can experience it yourself, we highly recommend it. Connect with us to discover the best opportunity to get you aboard this amazing multihull. Now that we own one ourselves, we can easily arrange a tour for you. Check out our Yacht Buyer Seminars & Events to see if we are near you soon or contact us to arrange your own personal Bali 5.4 tour.

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2 thoughts on “New Bali 5.4 Catamaran Walkthrough Video”

  1. Christopher Shamis

    Dear CatamaranGurus:

    My wife and I are about 12 years out from retirement, conveniently coinciding with an empty-nest. We’re gathering information now, but very keen on the crushing lifestyle. We’ve sailed a little (as passengers) but never crew.

    Anyway, I’m curious to know about your maintenance (or expected) maintenance costs on Zuri-3 being she’s a brand new boat.

    Hope you are all healthy and well. Thank you for the videos; they’re a welcome escape from daily quarantine and continue to inspire our own hopes for the future.

    Christopher and Susan Shamis.

    1. Hi Chris, on a new boat you have all the warranties that will cover most items for the first year. The engines, air conditioners, electronics etc. each carry their separate warranties and differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. We have done a lot of upgrades and that of course gets pricey but as a rule you should have very few costly maintenance items for the first three to five years at least. Our Lagoon 450 was an absolutely fantastic boat and we had very few issues with her until the day we sold her three years later. The current owners still enjoy her today. You will have your annual haul out and bottom paint to do and will run about $5,000 for a 54ft cat. We obviously do regular maintenance on all the systems and it certainly helps to be able to do some basic maintenance or the cost of technicians will kill you. We have had Z3 now for almost 18 months and have sailed extensively and we’ve had very few issues. Other than the bow thruster and air-conditioning units, we’ve experienced very few problems that we could not fix ourselves. Always remember though, this is a boat and there are always an issue with something like a broken water or shower pump, engine issues due to dirty fuel or the ever irritating failing dinghy outboard engine. We have found that the boats have become a lot more complicated with all the systems that we put onboard and often new cruisers experience problems because of sheer lack of basic knowledge. If you’re starting out, you should definitely educate yourself in basic trouble shooting and maintenance.

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