Bali 4.8 Debut in the US!

The new Bali 4.8 has just arrived in the US. The delivery crew was impressed with the performance of the boat and the punch list of issues that arose during the delivery was short and minor. We did a quick walk through video of Belle Vie. Like with the 5.4, we are impressed with the use of space and the flybridge is impressive. This video was done just as we off loaded the delivery crew’s gear and before the owners had the opportunity to make her look “pretty”. But we really wanted to look at the bare bones of the boat and check out all the systems. Like with the Catana models, the systems are great and easily accessible. The forward door, huge forward cockpit and lounging area, as well as the signature tilting door and full size fridge makes this vessel extremely desirable for cruising couples and crewed charters alike. Check out this video and let us know what you think! Belle Vie is going into our Crewed Yacht Program in the BVI where she can be chartered.

Private viewing of the Bali 4.8 in Florida through Nov 14th, 2020!

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