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American Product Review: Arid Bilge Pumps

While at the Annapolis Boat Show, we had the pleasure of visiting with Carina and Al Baurley of Arid Bilge Systems. They are on a mission to eliminate “old boat smell”. The cause of that distinct smell is humidity, condensation, and other sources of liquid that your boat’s bilge pumps do not remove. Not only is it stinky, but allowing wet conditions to remain in nooks and crannies of your bilge can cause health problems and rapidly deteriorate the equipment and finish on your boat. So, what’s the solution?

The patented Dry Bilge Machine offers a variety of liquid pickup devices that are small with clever shapes that allow them to reach the last drop of fluid in your bilge. The microprocessor makes the dry bilge efficient and automatic.

We installed the system in our Prout 45, Zuri. The Prout has deep bilges that are hard to reach in places underneath the tanks. The bilge pumps could not purge all the water. The result was that we always had wet and stinky bilges. The Arid Bilge worked great getting rid of water from condensation and our bilges were always dry. We originally thought the system to be a little pricey, but it was worth every cent not to have that musty bilge smell in the boat.

Above, Carina shares a video demonstration using their 4 ft model boat with 2 bilges. A simple idea with major payback!

arid bilge systemsTop Features for Catamaran Owners

  • Eliminates stale odors in the cabins and other below deck compartments
  • Eliminates need to use caustic chemicals to clean bilge problems
  • Reduces harmful bacteria and fungus that can become allergens with use of ozone machines or dehumidifiers
  • Makes tracking down a leak easier
  • Promotes a higher resale value
  • Tried and true product , just look at these testimonials from Arid Bilge users
  • Made in the USA


  • Price Range per dry compartment: $660-$912
  • Arid Bilge Models
  • Available options:
    • Series 4 Sound-down mounting brackets, $195
    • Series 4 face-mount hour meters for 4, 5, or 6 zone versions, $750
    • Series 9 24 volt DC version, $149
    • Series 9 premium model with aluminum face and backlit labels, $700
  • Eco-Friendly Discharge Companion
    • White lexan plastic, $1,695
    • White aluminum, $3,900
    • Lexan plastic, $995
  • Installation is a fairly simple DIY project, installation manual provided.

Where to Learn More

Where to Get Your Dry Bilge Machine

  • Purchase directly from Arid Bilge Systems online shop or by calling 954-328-9705 or emailing al(at)aridbilge(dot)com.
  • Purchase at a boat show, check their website for shows they attend.

What’s Your Take on the Dry Bilge Machine?

Do you own a Dry Bilge Machine or are you thinking about fitting your catamaran with one? Let us know what you think!


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