Annapolis Sail and Power Boat Show

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Annapolis Boat Show: October 6 – 10, 2011

The Annapolis Sail and Power Boat Show is coming up again in October. There is a lot of excitement brewing around this show with all the NEW launches debuting at the show this year. It is time to do your research, book your tickets, and reserve your places at the seminars, workshops and special events of your choice like the “Take the Wheel” workshop.

“Take the Wheel” Workshop

This opportunity offers novice boaters the chance to “Take the Wheel” at the upcoming United States Sailboat Show in October. The United States Sailboat Show has integrated an educational offering with the interactive component of boat demonstrations. “Take the Wheel” is a day-long educational package providing both “classroom” seminars and an introductory ride on one of six major styles of sailboats: weekend/racing cruising, family production cruising, bluewater, and catamaran.

Great Panel Discussion: Laying Plans for Your Long-Term Passage

We also like this panel discussion: Laying Plans for Your Long Term Passage. Meet noted offshore sailors and authors, including Lin and Larry Pardey, Brad Van Liew, Liza Copeland, Don Street, and Wendy Clarke. Before organizing the big adventure, join the panel discussion addressing the preparations needed before casting off. Learn from these bluewater sailors and get their advice before heading off on your own long-distance cruise. See all seminar schedules here. Don’t forget the Lats & Atts Cruisers Party!


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