AIR Silent X Off-Grid Marine Wind Turbine Review

primus wind power air silent x off grid marine wind turbineHarnessing the wind to sail the globe has been used for millennia, but wind is not just for propulsion. Small wind turbines like the AIR Silent X, manufactured by Primus Wind Power in Lakewood, Colorado, make it possible to enjoy modern conveniences while sailing. These super quiet off-grid wind turbines charge the boat’s battery banks while sailing or at anchor. As the number of electronic gadgets multiply and refrigerators and air conditioning units get larger, wind power generation is the a great way to supplement energy and to meeting these new demands.

Wind turbines on boats have been around for a while. No doubt if you have been sailing for years, you have experienced the loud, sometimes unreliable older versions. We tried several types on our previous boats and we finally opted to do away with the wind turbine because of the noise. However, Primus Wind Power offers the next generation of small, reliable, and lightweight wind turbines using a quiet carbon fiber “blue blade” that delivers an impressive energy output from a 1.2-meter rotor diameter turbine at an affordable price. Primus’ worldwide network of dealers and distributors makes repair and technical support convenient no matter where your sails take you. It seems to be a lot more quiet than the ones we used and delivers a lot more energy.

YouTube video

We met Ken at the Annapolis Boat Show 2015. Check out the video at the right as he shares his knowledge about this wind turbine.

Top Features for Catamaran Owners

  • Quiet, reliable power generation
  • Up-tower smart-processor controls inside the turbine makes installation easier and saves space below as no down-tower controller is needed
  • Support and parts available from a worldwide dealer/distributor network
  • Designed and built for tough marine conditions
  • Easily integrates with your boat’s photo-voltaic solar
  • Can handle windspeeds up to 110 mph
  • 5-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • Price Range: $1,200
  • Made in the USA.

primus wind power air silent x carbon fiber bladesWhere to Get Your AIR Silent X Off-Grid Wind Turbine

Call Primus direct at 303-242-5820 to discuss the details of your off grid application and get help identifying which product is right for your situation. They will also connect you with a dealer. If you are in Europe, call 49 (0) 228 96 16 08 75.

Or you can complete their online form to find the right off-grid wind turbine and dealers in your area.
Note that you can even buy the AIR Silent X on Amazon.

What’s Your Take on AIR Silent X Off-Grid Wind Turbine?

Wind turbines on boats have come a long way. The quieter, longer-lasting turbines are the way to go when your power needs continue to multiply aboard. You can get all the technical details of the wind turbine in the AIR Silent X Owner’s Manual. What do you think?


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