30-Years! Celebrations are in Order!

If you’re feeling mixed emotions heading into the holidays – you’re not alone. The year 2020 has been “special” in every sense. Not only have we had to deal with this never-ending COVID lockdown, quarantine, toilet paper shortage (LOL), endless Zoom meetings, facemasks and hand sanitizers. Covid-19 travel restrictions may keep us apart from our families and friends for the holidays. Life is just not “normal”!

For Stephen and I however, having been nomads for most of our lives together, we know what it’s like to be solo during the holidays and not to have typical (“normal”) celebrations. The only constant in our lives has been “change” and there’s usually just the best option for us at that very moment. Stephen often says: “It is exactly as it should be right now”. Such wise words and we embrace that, especially now. 

Not only do we spend holidays solo, we usually barely remember our birthdays or wedding anniversary, ever. Really! But not this year! It’s 2020 after all and we are celebrating a milestone anniversary. Stephen and I kicked off this holiday season by celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on December 1st! Since we weren’t in some remote/exotic location on a boat (as would be “normal” for us), we had time to look back over our lives and marveled at the spectacular 30-year run we’ve had together. It’s been a hell of a ride!

We sailed 70+ thousand sea miles on our many different boats, visited 45+ countries, met spectacular people and made friends all over this amazing planet of ours (that includes all of you, even if our interactions are virtual only at this point). Our liveaboard and boat business story is long and colorful, and we are so thankful for our incredible experiences. Our long-suffering families are always very patient about not hearing from us for extended periods and often, their first question to us will be: “Where in the world are you guys?”.

Since we have not been able to travel this year, we celebrated our anniversary locally at our favorite Floridian eatery and enjoyed a spectacular meal of giant Stone crab claws and guzzled a great bottle of Veuve Cliquot champagne, one of our favorites!

And that brings me to one of my favorite subjects – celebrating with Champagne! I grew up in the Cape wine lands in South Africa on a wine farm outside of Stellenbosch and I am a huge fan of “bubbly”. I wanted to share some fun facts about the differences between Champagne, prosecco, sparkling wine and in particular South African champagne. We also share some recipes to make your holiday season fizzy and fun!


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2 thoughts on “30-Years! Celebrations are in Order!”

  1. Congratulations to both of you on a successful, happy and adventurous marriage. It’s no small accomplishment. I enjoy your website and appreciate all the great information that you both provide, here.

    Wishing you both good sailing and good health!

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