140ft Superyacht Adastra

 Adastra is an impressive 140-foot cruising trimaran designed by Shuttleworth and built by the McConaghy yard in China.

Ordered by an enthusiast living in Hong Kong, this motor trimaran is being built like a genuine racing boat, and weight reduction has been drastic, to offer a cruising speed of 17 knots and a range of 6500 km on a full tank, an average of 120 litres/hour (and only 90 l/h at 13 knots)… Propelled by an 1150hp engine, the machine’s top speed will be 22.5 knots. However, this is a real cruising boat, whose accommodation will have you dreaming. Awesome!


LOA – 42.5 m
Beam – 16 m
Hull Draft – 1.12 m (1.6m to tip of rudder)
Main engine – 1x Caterpillar C18 -1150 hp @ 2300 rpm
Outrigger engines – 2x Yanmar 110hp @ 3200 rpm
Generators – 2 x 36 kw custom in the outriggers linked to 110 Hp Yanmar engines, and 1x 26 kw Northern lights in Main engine room
Owner and Guests – 9
Crew – 5-6
Tenders – 4.9m stored on the aft deck and a 3.1m stored in the garage
Freshwater Capacity – 2x 800 gph fresh water makers – 2700 litres water
Displacement light – Fully equipped and full stores and crew, no fuel and no water – 49 tonnes
Displacement cruising max – (normal operational load) 15000 litres fuel – 64.8 tonnes
Displacement ocean passage max – (only for occasional long ocean passages) 32000 litres fuel – 77 tonnes
Speed max – 22.5 knots
Range at 17 knots – 4000 miles 
Fuel consumption at 13 knots – 90 litres per hour.
Fuel consumption at 17 knots – 120 litres per hour


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