Catana C62 Catamaran

catana c62 catamaran

The Catana C62 catamaran is the result of research by the CATANA R&D team and a collaboration with naval architects and sets new standards in exceptional luxury cruising catamaran models. With its new maxihulls with inverted bows, foil-type daggerboards, CARBON INFUSION and TWARON IMPACT technology, the C62 is the safest and most high-performing cruising catamaran in its class. With its newly designed “open” design interior, the Catana C62 affords the enjoyment of sailing fast in absolute comfort and total safety.

Catana C62 Catamaran

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Architect: Chantier CATANA
  • Interior Design: Couëdel HUGON Design
  • Overall length: 62′
  • Beam: 31′ 2”
  • Draft boards up: 5′ 1”
  • Draft boards down: 12’4”
  • Mast Clearance: 86′ 10”
  • Light displacement: 19,2 t
  • Main sail area: 1,302 sq ft
  • Up wind sail area: 2,185 sq ft
  • Down wind sail area: 2,604 sq ft
  • Mast length: 78′ 11”
  • Engines power: 2×110 hp
  • Fresh water capacity: 227, 51 us gal
  • Fuel capacity: 211,34 us gal
  • Refrigerator capacity: 42,27 us gal

Boat Discontinued