Catana 59 Catamaran

Catana High Performance Catamarans

Catana 59Catana 59Catana 59

Catana 59 Catamaran

Dimensions and Specifications

  • Architect: Chantier Catana
  • Manufactoring process: Carbon Twaron infused foam sandwich
  • Overall length: 58.73 ft
  • Water line length: 58.73 ft
  • Beam: 31.14 ft
  • Light displacement: 18.9 t
  • Draft boards up: 5.12 ft
  • Draft boards down: 12.3 ft
  • Mast clearance: 86.84 ft
  • Mast length: 79.94 ft
  • Main sail area: 1302.43 sq ft
  • Up wind sail area: 2185 sq ft
  • Down wind sail area: 2604.87 sq ft
  • Engines power: 2 x 110 hp
  • Fresh water capacity: 211.34 us gal
  • Fuel capacity: 211.34 us gal
  • Structural warranty: 5 years

Boat Discontinued

The Catana 59 has incredibly streamlined hulls, classically elegant, and offering astounding performance. The sail plan is borrowed from racing vessels, with a short mainsail that is easy to manage and a larger foresail. Moving away from the legendary daggerboards that made the Catana shipyard’s name, this catamaran is fitted with revolutionary curved daggerboards, to create a hydrofoil effect. The result is an extremely safe and comfortable boat that achieves astonishing acceleration and an extraordinary cruising speed.