American Product Review: PARA-TECH Sea Anchor

para tech sea anchor in bagAs we have been preparing for delivery of our new Lagoon 450 Sport Top, Zuri, we are continually amazed at the availability of high quality American-made sailing products. Really, you don' have to go overseas for affordability in most cases. While researching sea anchors for our crossing when we bring Zuri back from her French birthplace in a few months, we were reacquainted with PARA-TECH's Sea Anchor. This top-of-the-line sea anchor is made in Silt, Colorado which is about 170 miles from Denver, CO via a very circuitous trek through the beautiful Arapaho National Forest. You'll pass right by Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Vail, and lots of other stunning recreational venues.

While one might question a sea anchor manufactured in landlocked Colorado, the PARA-TECH Sea Anchor has been proven time and time again by multihull and monohull sailors. This is evidenced by the accounts of it use by many sailors on sites like Drag Device Data Base. In fact, the crew at PARA-TECH religiously follows this data base treating it as a test bed for their product. Such feedback resulted in one of their sea anchor's safety measures, its stowage and deployment bag which prevents it from inflating on deck.

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American Product Review: Sirius Signal SOS Distress Light

Sirius Signal

Catamaran Guru™ has come across another great innovative US-made product for our sailboats. The SOS Distress Light is the first (and so currently the only) LED Visual Distress Signal Device that can completely replace pyrotechnic flares.

Stephen and I met the Sirius Signal folks at the San Diego International Boat show last month (June 2015). We liked the family who owns the business and we liked their SOS Distress Light. So we bought it for our new Lagoon 450 Sport Top and we will (hopefully not) be using this distress signal device during our crossing back to the US from France where we will pick her up.

[UPDATE NOVEMBER 2015: We had the privilege to catch up with Anthony Covelli, co-founder of Sirius Signal, at the Annapolis Boat Show in October. He was gracious enough to let us video him talking about this great American-made product...check it out. Don't miss the Sirius Signal customer testimonial at the end of this article!]

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