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Pros & Cons Of Yacht Charter Management Programs

choosing a Yacht charter Management program is a carefully made decisionYacht charter management is a good way to reduce the cost of a boat and also offset the cost of ownership. To make it a successful endeavor, the yacht owner has to be informed and involved. There are different types of management programs offered by the charter industry, but the two most popular programs offered by most charter companies are the "Guaranteed Income Program" and the "Performance or Income Sharing Program". Both these programs have their pros and cons and the boat owner has to figure out what will work best for their particular situation and plans.

The main aspects to consider for the boat buyer when choosing charter management programs are their risk tolerance and possible need for tax benefits. That will dictate, to a large degree, if a guaranteed monthly income with less risk, involvement, and liability vs the Performance Program with higher revenues, but more personal involvement, may be a better fit for you.

The income split in the Performance Program is an important issue but unfortunately it is often very misleading and is used as a marketing tool when it looks very favorable to the owner. Truth is, only the bottom line is relevant. What the owner is charged for after the split (costs of the price of services, booking commission paid to charter brokers, etc.) is what truly determines the bottom line and not the split formula.

Another consideration for your choice of management program is the importance of an exchange program between locations for the yacht owner. Guaranteed Income programs often have generous owner exchange in locations all over the world while the Performance Program owner is limited to no exchange or a very limited number of weeks.

There is one more very important element to be considered which is not often highlighted when you are speaking with the salesperson that presents the programs and options, and that is your exit strategy. What happens at the end of the program? Do you go into a second tier fleet or sell? Is there a good second hand market for your particular choice of boat? How much will you still owe? Are trade-ins an options?

Knowing and understanding the contract, can go a long way to making a great deal. We analyze and explain the different options to ensure a good understanding for owners of what charter management really entails. Find Out Here The Pros & Cons of Guaranteed Income Programs & Revenue Sharing /Performance Programs>>

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