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Charter Management: Worry-Free Yacht Ownership...or is it?

Charter companies lure prospective boat buyers into yacht charter management touting it as the most cost effective way to own the yacht of your dreams without worrying about the hassles and expenses of traditional yacht ownership. Well, we have tested this theory. We have personally owned several yachts in these charter programs, we have done the research, collected the data and have now made all this information available to you.

The purchase of a charter yacht is usually second only to buying a house in terms of cost. Yet prospective buyers spend on average far more time researching their home purchase than they do for a yacht. Catamaran Guru™'s experts offer consulting services to get to know you personally and learn which solutions are best suited for you and your family's desired lifestyle. With this information you can make an informed decision, avoid costly mistakes, plan your exit strategy and get the most enjoyment from owning your yacht.

Through our affiliation with Dream Yacht Charters and various other charter companies in the US, Caribbean, and Bahamas, we are able to offer a tailored selection from several different charter programs and a wide variety of yachts from the world's greatest shipyards. We offer you models from Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, Bali, Nautitech, Catana, and many more. No cookie-cutter programs here!

We give you the tools to make the right choices! Your Charter Management Program. Your Catamaran. Your Choice.

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Charter Management Programs Video Interview & Discussion

We were interviewed by Stewart Coates from s/v Luckyfish (Youtube Channel Lucky Fish Got Away) about charter programs. He wanted to find out what these charter programs are about and how his audience can benefit from it. There is plenty of good information in these videos for anyone who are starting out in this process. Feel free to contact us for more information or an explanations of any of the programs.




Charter Management Programs Explained

Placing a yacht into charter management is a good way to reduce the cost of the yacht. There are different types of management programs but the two most popular programs offered by most charter companies are the "Guaranteed Income Program" and the "Performance or Income Sharing Program" that, in all probability, are the options that will be presented. Read more about these common charter management options>> 

Charter Management Programs Overview     Guaranteed Income Programs Explained     Business Yacht Ownership

Charter Yacht Management Programs: Do The Numbers Work?

Attendees at our live-aboard seminars all have very different yacht ownership interests but one of the underlying themes of these seminars is always: “How do I offset yacht ownership costs?". Ownership in a charter program can provide solutions to the financial and practical disadvantages of traditional private ownership. It really is an easy option provided you go into it with the right expectations and goals. Read More>>

How To Proceed With Buying A Charter Yacht

The buying process often seems like a daunting task to first time buyers with so many parties involved, documents to generate and decisions to make. We have compiled an easy to follow time line checklist to help you make this a smooth transaction. Once you have decided on the yacht and charter yacht management company, choose an experienced yacht broker to help you navigate the process and keep this checklist handy for your own peace of mind. Read More>>

Is Buying A Charter Yacht For You?

Preliminary "Soul Searching": You and your family and / or friends have done some chartering and love it! You've been dreaming for years about getting your own yacht in the Caribbean or Bahamas or some exotic location, you've checked your finances and you are ready to "take the plunge" but how should you go about this? There are six major issues to investigate before you make this decision. Let's analyze. Read More>>

Charter Yacht Management Contract Issues

Our experience as charter boat owners in charter fleets has shown some areas in the management of your yacht that are important to all of us, regardless of the charter company we choose. These 6 major issues in the contract are to be addressed before you make any decisions: Level of maintenance, builder / manufacturer warranty issues, insurance, hurricane plan, the sale of owner time and yacht phase-out procedure. Discuss your options and know the consequences of your decisions. Read More>>

End of Program: Yacht Phase-Out & Checklist

This article is mostly geared toward boat owners who have placed a new yacht in a large charter company, like Dream Yacht Charter, Moorings, Horizon, or Sunsail. So, you're almost reaching the end of your Management Contract with your Charter Company and you have decided to keep your boat, either for your personal use or to place her in the hands of a Yacht Broker to sell her. We have put together a list of procedures of how to manage the phase-out of your yacht. Know that the majority of owners who follow this procedure properly are handed a boat in very decent shape. So assuming you have negotiated adequate provisions in your Management Contract, if you follow our guidelines, you should be in good shape. Read More>>

Bareboat vs. Crewed Yacht Ownership

A bareboat is a unit that is chartered with no crew at all. The charterers are entirely in charge of the yacht, including provisioning, for the duration of the cruise. A crewed yacht operates only with a professional live-aboard crew, a skipper and a cook or chef, usually a couple, and, typically, has many more creature comfort than an equivalent bareboat. This section will help you define the main pros and cons of each option, both being in the configuration of a managed charter fleet, and within a range of 45 to 70 ft. boats. This section does not debate ownership of a privately managed crewed vessel.

Bareboat vs. Crewed Yacht Charter Ownership>>

Boat Partnerships

There are risks to partnerships, even a partnership with family or your best friends. A good contract is the secret to enjoying the boat and a long and happy friendship and partnership! Read more>>

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