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Bali Catamarans Changing The Rules

Bali side view

Bali catamarans are designed to meet the needs of yachtsmen looking to sail with maximum living space, comfort, and safety with the excitement of a speedy performance catamaran. For this, the Catana yard is leveraging its celebrated skill set in the design of a revolutionary range of catamarans, with innovative sailing ideas as yet unseen in this sector and which break with maritime tradition. 

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Bali Catamaran Models

Charter Programs & Tax Program

Catamarans have become so popular in the last ten years that the demand far outweighs the supply. This is great for owners, but not so much for buyers. Catamaran values hold better and longer than monohull values because the market just does not have enought multihulls to fill the demand. New catamarans with increasingly high tech construction and bells and whistles throughout for creature comfort are becoming more and more expensive. So we are always looking at ways to reduce costs of yacht ownership for our clients. Learn about our charter yacht management programs and business yacht ownership programs. Bali catamarans are available in these programs.

Catamaran Brokerage

Catamaran Guru™ can represent you as your buyer's broker if you are in the market for a pre-owned catamaran. Being represented by a professional brokerage house does not add a penny to the yacht purchase price. Yes, the buyer's broker is totally free to the buyer. So why not work with your own broker who will work for you when looking to buy a boat? Search our Global Catamaran Search for pre-owned catamarans.

Check out the Bali 4.5 crossing the Atlantic in "Transatlantique 2015" at right.


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