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Why List Your Cruising Catamaran As "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO) With Catamaran Guru™?

Here are some great reasons:

1. Save 10%! Usually the boat seller pays a customary 10% brokers fee or commission on its sale. The fee covers advertising, market analysis, promotions, showings, escrow account, documentation handling, transfer of funds, etc. However, if the seller and buyer feel confident handling the sales process on their own, you can do the work and bank that 10% or use part of your savings to make your boat than the competition.

That’s a win for both parties! Catamaran Guru™ earns no commission from FSBO listings advertised here and we can ethically not intervene or advise on a FSBO listing. We offer inexpensive listing services to catamaran sellers worldwide. However, we do represent yacht sellers or yacht buyers, if requested seperate from FSBO.

2. You have total control of your listing. You decide how good the information and pictures are that we publish here. We allow you to post pictures, and videos and write a lengthy description and specifications to show your catamaran to its fullest potential. You respond directly to buyer inquiries and complete any negotiations and paperwork directly with the buyer.

3. Catamaran sales have been up significantly in recent months. This upward sales trend looks like it's here to stay for a while. Catamaran Guru™ has helped facilitate hundreds of sales over the years (see our testimonial section). We are very active on social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+. We also have a strong and dedicated mailing list of more than 15,000+ subscribers who are eager to know about new cruising catamaran listings. When you advertise your boat with us, you get exposure to all those marketing channels!

4. Our professional SEO company, SEO Buzz, is dedicated to to boost our rankings on the internet and to helping us forge strategies and build partnerships that extend our exposure to the right customers.

5. We publish articles and advertise regularly in some of the major sailing publications like Cruising Outpost, Cruising Compass, Multihull Sailor, and Multihull Quarterly.

6. We attend all the major sailboat shows in the U.S., e.g., Miami, Annapolis, Chicago, Oakland and more.

7. Catamaran Guru™ Is 100% dedicated to catamarans and multihulls.

All of the marketing efforts and partnering above assure that thousands of qualified visitors come to our website every day. These visitors are interested in everything to do with catamarans and in particular cruising catamarans.




*Disclaimer: The "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO) Listings are published purely as an additional service to the Catamaran Guru™ readership. Catamaran Guru™ does not act as the broker in these transactions. Catamaran Guru™ is not repsonsible for the accuracy of the listings and have no control over responsiveness or lack thereof from the boat owners.

How To Advertise Your Catamaran For Sale On Catamaran Guru™

Catamarans For Sale By Owner Advertising Rates

  • First 3 months: $20.00 per month (3 month commitment including a Market Analysis Report)Total Fee = $60.00
  • Second 3 Months: Additional Fee = $50.00 (a 6-month commitment for a total of $110)


Complete The Form Below And Submit Payment

To advertise your catamaran for sale on the Catamaran Guru™ website, complete the form below. Submitting the form with payment via PayPal (there is an offline payment method if you do not use PayPal), will start the process. You will receive a confirmation email so you can verify the information submitted.  We will contact you for sending images and verifying the ad information but check out the FAQ's meanwhile if you have questions about how to send pictures etc. We will let you know when the listing goes live. Let us know if you have questions! Keep reading or click here to jump to the form to write your for sale by owner ad for your boat.

How To Price Your Catamaran For A Quick Sale

To ensure a quick sale, your catamaran should be priced right for its condition and for its demand in the market. You want to be in the ballpark with other similar catamarans in your size range and condition. But how do you know the approximate price range of recently sold catamarans and catamarans currently on the market? We can help you! We have special access to information on all the catamarans sales sold in world. Using this, we can create a market analysis just for you. Request a FREE Market Analysis Report (with the purchase of an AD) of similar catamarans currently listed or sold in the last 12 months.

Include the following information and use the subject "Market Analysis":

  1. Manufacturer of the catamaran, e.g., Lagoon
  2. Manufacturer Model, e.g., 450F
  3. Model Year, e.g., 2010
  4. Boat Size, e.g., 45ft
  5. Number of cabins & heads, e.g., 4 cabins / 4 heads


Check out this Guide To Buying A Catamaran for tips and guidelines on Surveyors, Documentation Agents, Financing, Coast Guard Registration, Insurance, Name Search, and more!

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