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Bali 4.8 Catamaran

Principal Specifications

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Conception: Olivier Poncin
Naval Architect: Xavier Faÿ
Design: LASTA Design
Overall length: 48.62 f / 14.82 m
Waterline length: 46.16 f / 14.07 m
Beam: 25.85 f / 7.88 m
Draft: 4.43 f / 1.35 m
Light displacement:  15.3 t
Maximum displacement:  22.0 t

Maximum upwind sail area: 1862 ft² / 173.0 m²
Mainsail: 871.9 ft² / 81.0 m²
Jib: 595.9 ft² / 47.0 m²

Water:  264 US gal / 1000 l
Fuel: 264 US gal / 1000 l
Engines:  / 2 x 45 hp up to 2 x 57 hp Yanmar


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The Bali 4.8 Catamaran


The Bali 4.8 fills a hole in the innovative company's crusing catamaran line. Very little information has been released about this surprise announcement, but cruising community and charter boat owners are keeping a close eye on this exciting news.

In addition to the very popular signature Bali features such as the rigid front cockpit with lounge and sunbathing space, the Bali 4.8 design is chock full of innovations sure to become sailor favorites:

  • platform linking the two rear skirts with large bench and chests
  • large tilt-and-turn door with sliding windows
  • panoramic relaxation area on the roof
  • access to the front cockpit by an interior door and cabins by panels opening on the rear cockpit (same as as on the Bali 5.4)
  • a version with 6 cabins and 6 bathrooms (never seen in a 48' catamaran).


Bali 4.8 Layout Options

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