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stephen and estelle cockcroft are owners of catamaran guru

Being successful catamaran broker-consultants isn’t just business, it’s our lifestyle. We are Stephen & Estelle. 25+ years ago in a friend’s backyard in Cape Town, South Africa, we built our first boat then sailed the world. Discovering new places, meeting extraordinary people, and enjoying unique experiences was fun, not work! We've co-owned a catamaran manufacturer, consulted with catamaran manufacturers, managed charter companies, and taught sailing. These experiences and living aboard for 22+ years have taught us important lessons that we happily share with fellow sailors and yacht owners like you. 

Today, Catamaran Guru™ is the number one go-to company for catamaran buyers. As experienced yacht brokers and liveaboard catamaran owners ourselves, we help you realize your cruising dreams safely and comfortably while maintaining more of your investment. Whether you are a cruiser looking for a well priced, well-equipped catamaran or want to reduce cost of ownership by placing your catamaran in a charter fleet, we have the expertise to help you. Read More>>

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Year: 2013

Model: Custom 64

Location: Fort Lauderdale

Price: $1.62M $1.5M




Year: 2016

Model: DH550

Location: Leros, Greece

Price: $1.1M




Year: 2016

Model: Supreme 68 Power

Location: Ft. L, USA

Price: €3.2M 




Year: 2010

Model: Galathea 65 Maestro

Location: Australia

Price: $1,100,000 SOLD!


stephen cockcroft yacht broker

Stephen Cockcroft / Exclusive Buyers Broker

Catamaran Specialist

PH: 1-804-815-5054

Skype: stephencockcroft

Stephen Cockcroft has been sailing since 1975. For more than 25 years, he has influenced and consulted in many aspects of the sailing industry. He is formerly from South Africa where he built his first ocean-going yacht in his backyard. This DIY sailboat project set him on a course to sail it 30,000 NM ending up in the USA where he now resides and is a proud citizen.

Stephen's involvement in the sailboat and sailing industries are diverse and broad-reaching. As owner of the very successful and popular Island Spirit Catamarans factory, co-owner of the third largest charter company in the Caribbean and North America, and longtime yacht and charter broker, he has gained insight into the inner workings of how to build and buy a yacht as well as how to operate the boat as a business. He has brokered many brands including the Flagship catamaran ranges for Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, and Sunreef in the USA and has been involved in product development and customization of large catamarans for buyers. Stephen is a licensed and bonded yacht and ship broker in the State of Florida and operates his own US-based brokerage house.

Sailing Experience

Stephen racing sailboats

He is an accomplished offshore catamaran sailor having completed multiple trans-ocean voyages including the delivery of his own Island Spirit from Cape Town, South African, to Miami, a voyage of 7,000 NM. He has participated in offshore races on catamarans and most recently he won the Bahamas leg of the Caribbean 1500 on a Prout 50 (pictured right). Stephen is an Instructor Examiner for the American Sailing Association (ASA) having taught hundreds of people to sail catamarans and monohulls in hands-on, live-aboard courses in the Caribbean and the Bahamas.

Stephen and his wife, Estelle, have cruised 60,000+ NM aboard their ocean-going yachts (Bruce Roberts 45, Island Spirit 401, Prout 45, Lagoon 450S) and have visited more than 40 countries. They are sought-after experts on catamarans, yacht ownership solutions, yacht management, liveaboard cruising lifestyle, and understanding the needs and specifications for a successful cruising yacht. Through their thousands of posts on diverse sailing topics on this website and their direct consulting and brokerage relationships, they are a valued resource for all sailors and often become friends with the customers and students that they have worked with.

Catamaran Expertise & Yacht Ownership Programs

Stephen has represented hundreds of catamaran buyers in transactions as an independent consultant. Stephen Cockcroft has in recent years consulted with several clients to buy Flagship catamarans like Lagoon 77, Lagoon 620, Fountaine Pajot Ipanema 58, Lagoon 52, Fountaine Pajot Saba 50, and others into crewed charter all over the world

Stephen Cockcroft catamaran brokerWith his vast and diverse experience in the international marine business, Stephen possesses a spectrum of technical, financial, taxation, contractual and sailing lifestyle insights. You want him in your corner representing your interests when buying or selling a yacht. Stephen helps you learn to set up your boat as a business to benefit from business tax deductions, understand the different charter management models, figure out which model helps you achieve your goals, identify ways to offset the cost of yacht ownership, and, most importantly, figure out your exit strategy.

Stephen Cockcroft

Licensed & Bonded Yacht & Ship Broker

Tel: 1-804-815-5054

Skype: stephencockcroft

Fax: 443 782 0208

Yacht Buyer Testimonials


testimonials from catamaran guru yacht brokerage clients


estelle cockcroft co-founder of catamaran guru

Estelle Cockcroft / Exclusive Buyers Broker

Catamaran Specialist

PH: 1-954-249-9764

Skype: estellecockcroft

Stephen and Estelle at the Boat Show

Estelle Cockcroft is known to her friends as the yacht gypsy...the girl with the crazy hair and even crazier personality, who is always on the move. A South African native, she has for 20+ years been traveling the globe as a contemporary "yachty" combining her love for the freedom of boating and travel with adventure, travel writing, cooking, fashion design, and catamaran sales.

She has been intimately involved in the boating business for many years with Stephen, from the building process of catamarans to selling and managing charter yachts in the Caribbean and the USA to teaching sailing. Before her life as the intrepid sailor, she worked as a fashion designer for the houses of Hang Ten and Gossard designing swimwear and luxury lingerie...a preparation of sorts for the life as a sailor / diver...? 

She has sailed 60,000+ nautical miles with Stephen in remote and exotic locations around the world. Her latest "love interest" is riding their customized Harley Davidson motorcycle in some of the most spectacular places in the USA. She's thrilled to share her boating experiences and knowledge with a growing community of women in sailing. As a qualified ASA captain and sailing instructor, she has helped many tentative and reluctant sailors take the plunge into the exciting world of sailing and adventure. She loves helping people prepare to venture out into the world and live their travel dreams!

Stephen and Estelle Catamaran Guru™

Estelle is passionate about cultural preservation and sustainable travel as she feels they are crucial movements to ensure enjoyment of global adventures for generations to come. Always looking out for her next challenge, she relishes testing her nerves and muscles. The freedom and independence of the sailing lifestyle suits her personality as a free spirit. She has no "home" in the traditional sense, because according to her ' is a journey and the journey is her home..." 

Estelle Cockcroft

Licensed & Bonded Yacht & Ship Broker


Skype: estellecockcroft

Fax: 1-443-782-0208


Jeff Riecks Joins The Catamaran Guru™ Team As Sales Associate

Jeff Riecks Catamaran Guru™ Yacht Sales We are very excited about adding Jeff Riecks to the Catamaran Guru™ yacht sales team. He is an excellent sailing instructor and now a very valuable member of the Catamaran Guru™ Sales Team.

He is currently the Standards Coordinator for the American Sailing Association (ASA), where he contributes to the upkeep of ASA’s education standards, textbooks, and exams. Jeff also serves on several national boating safety and education standards committees, and is a licensed Florida yacht salesperson with Catamaran Guru™.

Jeff has been boating for most of his adult life and has worked as a sailing educator and charter/private yacht captain since 2001. He has taught basic, intermediate and advanced sailing, cruising, and navigation to hundreds of people and is a recipient of ASA’s “Outstanding Instructor” award. He also holds a 100-ton Near Coastal merchant mariner’s credential with sailing and towing endorsements, and has completed several yacht deliveries along the east and west coasts of North America, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas.

Prior to becoming a professional mariner, Jeff spent 18 years as an engineer and program manager in the government electronics, logistics, and commercial information technology industries.

Jeff grew up in Maryland and attended West Virginia University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He has also lived in Texas, Ohio, California, Wyoming, Florida, Baja California Mexico, and Quebec, Canada. He has owned five sailboats: a Dyer Dhow, Hunter216, Catalina30, CSY44, and currently a Fountaine Pajot Lavezzi 40 catamaran.

Jeff Riecks

Licensed & Bonded Yacht & Ship Broker Associate




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