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How To Make The Best Use Of Your Time At A Boat Show

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The Miami Boat Show is iminent and we are running around preparing for the show and taking care of last minute details for everything to be just perfect at the "big unveil". Manufacturers, charter companies, magazines, lecturers and show arganizers all work extremely hard to make this show a perfect experience for buyers and visitors alike, a good balance between business and entertainment. Everyone will display their newest and best merchandise and this certainly will be the place to make a deal. So if you are in the market to buy a boat, you will be well served by attending a show like this. 

As many of you know, we own a catamaran and have owned many boats previously, so even though we are on the sales and consulting side now, we are well aware that the buying process happens in stages - gathering of information, reading reviews and recommendations, looking at the products available, narrowing down the list, test driving and finally negotiating and buying. The boat show is part and parcel of this process and in our opinion, the best place to see all the products in one place for comparison.

However, we would recommend that you get as much information as you can on the Internet about the products that are of interest to you before you attend a show. Information is power and knowing what you want or do not want going in, will iliminate a lot of confusion. Once you have a short list, you will want to inspect the boat / boats in person, touch and feel, "try the boat on for size" so to speak. That will narrow down the pros and cons of each boat for you and help you make an informed decision. 

Now is probably a good time to buy, as so many manufacturers are eager to negotiate and make deals after such a long slump in the economy. Many will also be more willing to customize and give more options in charter management programs. Find yourself a knowlegeable sales representative to guide you through the process and negotiate unemotionally on your behalf. As representatives of buyers, boat builders, charter companies and owners ourselves, we have nailed down how to identify quality boats and give the best recommendations possible. So come and see us at the Dream Yacht Charter stand for a consultation.

Here are some tips on how to make the best use of your time at a boat show.

  • Save time by knowing the exact locations of the boats that you want to look at and how to get there from your hotel.
  • Arrange for tickets to be left for you at "will -call" with your salesperson to avoid standing in long lines.
  • Weekdays are the best times to attend a show to avoid the weekend fun seekers. Traffic on the boats are lighter which allows you to take the time you need to look around.
  • Company decisionmakers are more readily available to talk and make a deal during the first and last days of the show when it's quiter.
  • Schedule an appointment with your salesperson for a private walkthrough.
  • If you’re looking to buy a boat, do some pre-show homework of the boats on your short list.
  • Familiarize yourself with the prices and options of the boats you’re interested in. 
  • Make a list of questions to record about the boats that will have the features and qualities you want.
  • Learn about the basics of construction, design, engines, sails and electronics so you know what the salesperson points out as attributes of that specific boat. 
  • Arrange for a sea trial if possible.

More importantly, have fun, enjoy the wonderful Miami weather and hopefully you will find your dream boat at the same time! 


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