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Kanina, a Prout 45 has been in service for the last 4 years and she is ready to retire to Texas where her owners are eagerly awaiting her arrival. We set Kanina up in our "Yacht as a Business" program in the Bahamas with great results and they are ready to get Kanina back to het "home" in Texas where they now will be able to retire her as a business and use her as their personal yacht. This is what the owners say: "Stephen, I finished my taxes today as pulled the KANINA Inc & Exp into a summary spreadsheet, see attached FYI as I thought you may find it of interest. General observations are that you were pretty close with most of the expenses on a % basis...Pretty much as per the planned 4 year BP, good time to move the boat to TX!" Happy sailing!

For more information on how to set up a sailing school business, contact us and see the website.



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