Cruising World Interview With Our Catamaran Owners

Catamaran Guru sailing catamaran buyersCheryl and Bob Piccoli spent five years in the planning phase before they purchased their Lagoon catamaran from us. Big Dog II is in charter in the Bahamas and is doing great. They have become good friends and have advocated for us at several boat shows in Annapolis. In this article Bob and Cheryl answer all the questions that potential buyers might have and they share some tips, like:

1. Understand that this is a major financial investment: "If they tell you it's going to pay for itself in the first year, don't walk away, run," Bob says. Be certain you can handle miscellaneous startup costs.

2. Ask yourself what you ultimately want from this boat: "Do you want it to pay for itself and then sail away on it? Are you going to trade it in? You have to know what you want to do with the boat," Bob says.

3. Be comfortable with the charter company you're dealing with: "They're managing and maintaining your boat," Bob says. "They're doing all the things that are required. They're not always going to call you. You have to be comfortable with that." Read More >>

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