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Yacht Dealer Or Charter Company...Where To Buy Your Yacht

What is the difference between a yacht dealer and yacht charter company and why should you care? Well, when you buy a new yacht, you have a reasonable expectation of good after sales service with warranty issues to be taken care of. You would also expect, in the case of the yacht business management program, that projections will be met and that the program meets scrutiny by the IRS as was promised. You would expect the yacht dealer or charter company, who sold you the boat in the first place to be responsible, right? Well, unfortunately, this is not exactly the case once a third party gets involved.

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FAQ's About Buying A Charter Yacht

victoria67catamaran guru is a member of the international yacht brokers associationYou have done some chartering on sailing boats and love it!  Owning a sailing boat in some exotic location has been a dream of yours for years but you just don't know where to start and who to ask. What is involved in placing a sailing catamaran into a charter fleet? Confused by all the chatter out there about charter management programs? 

Our experience as charter Yacht owners in charter fleets has shown some areas in the management of your yacht that are important to all of us, regardless of the charter company we choose. We have compiled a list of FAQ's as a quick reference for buyers.

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Compare Yacht Charter Management Programs

Through our partnership with Dream Yacht Sales and other yacht management companies, we offer versatile options to own a luxury yacht operating in one of many exotic locales. Our programs offer options that help you enjoy your yacht more by avoiding most of, or part of, the operational responsibilities and expense of traditional boat ownership.

The Catamaran Guru™ team supports you through the entire process of program selection based on your travel aspirations, financial goals, and preferred use of your resources. Our programs include pre-approved financing and guaranteed monthly payments. You may be eligible for substantial business tax benefits. Our personalized service prepares you to purchase and to own the yacht of your dreams as well as help you plan an exit strategy to maximize return on your investment by selling at the peak resale value.

Our charter management programs offer a large variety of sail and power boat models from nine well-known brands (monohulls and catamarans) in 35+ worldwide base locations. Whether you prefer a sail, power, or crewed yacht, we offer more choices than other similar yacht ownership programs. The table below offers an overview of each of our top programs. Call the Catamaran Guru™ team today to learn more and get advice on which program and what model boat fits your sailing preferences and business or lifestyle goals.

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Buying A Charter Yacht: Ten Basic Steps To A Smooth Process

Charter Yacht ManagementThe buying process often seems like a daunting task to first time buyers with so many parties involved, documents to generate and decisions to make. We have compiled an easy to follow checklist to help you make this a smooth transaction. Once you have decided on the yacht and charter yacht management company, choose an experienced yacht broker to help you navigate the process and keep this checklist handy for your own peace of mind.

Sequence Of Events When Buying A New Charter Yacht

Due Diligence

  • Decide on the yacht that will adequately suit you and your family’s needs.
  • Use resources like and that have lots of information on the subject.
  • Decide on the partner/charter company you will use to operate your yacht. Negotiate the specifications and price.
  • Check with your accountant to ensure that the management program you choose is right for you.

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Charter Management Programs Overview

Bali 4.3 Catamaran ownership programsHave you ever dreamed of owning a yacht? Have you ever dreamed of sailing in one of the world's great cruising grounds where the sunshine is (almost always) guaranteed? Have you ever dreamed that owning a yacht was not such an expensive and extravagant proposition?

Through our affiliation with Dream Yacht, CYOA and other charter companies, we offer you the chance to fulfill those dreams. These ccompanies operate several programs, all of which ensure that your yacht is managed and kept in the best possible condition. Several unique programs are available which will help you purchase the boat of your dreams and place her into charter management with a program to suit your exact needs. It is the intelligent way to purchase, own and manage such an important asset. 

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