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Smart Yacht OwnershipStewart Coates from S/V Luckyfish (YouTube Channel Lucky Fish Got Away) interviewed us about charter programs.. He wanted to find out what these charter programs are about and how his audience can benefit from it. There is plenty of good information in these videos for anyone who are starting out in this process.

Ownership in a charter program can provide solutions to the financial and practical disadvantages of traditional private ownership. It really is an easy option provided you go into it with the right expectations and goals.

We discuss several scenarios like Guaranteed Income Yacht Ownership Program, Boat as a Business with tax advantages, Owner Operator Crewed Yacht Business and more.

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Considering Placing your Yacht into a Tax Program? STOP! Read this First!

Operating your yacht as a small business in a charter program can generate substantial tax advantages. We know, because we operated our own Lagoon 450 and now our Bali 5.4 as businesses in the tax program. You can read about our experience and other testimonials from our owners on the website.

And we can tell you that OUR yacht ownership programs DO work! But don't just take our word for it. We hope you watch the video below to hear it straight from real owners in this program with a lot of prior yacht ownership experience.

THE PROBLEM: Generally, the biggest shortcoming of these yacht business tax programs is the lack of visibility and uncertainty to generate enough revenue to cover holding costs. In addition, the projected revenue models are seldom delivered on by most Dealers and small management companies despite all sorts of assurances and claims by them. They do not have the infrastructure or booking power needed to have a secure business plan showing the ability and intent to make a profit.

We wanted to take it to the next level for ourselves and our clients.

THE SOLUTION: In order to NEGATE the stress of unpredictable revenues we teamed up with our friends at Dream Yacht to create the CADILLAC of TAX PROGRAMS! Dream Yacht is the premier and largest charter operator in the world and with their booking horsepower and infrastructure, they are in a position to underwrite revenues at a level that ensures zero financial risk. Add to that the advantage of tax benefits and worldwide reciprocal sailing and you have a win-win-win deal. 

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Insights from Catamaran Owner in Charter Business Program

We have received so many questions about operating a yacht as a business, so we interviewed one of our catamaran owners in this program currently.

Chris gives us a first hand account of his experience as a boat owner in a charter fleet, how the program works for him, why he chose this program over a conventional guaranteed income program and much more.

We also discuss the fact that the acquisition of a new yacht may be an effective business tool to take advantage of the available tax rules but the tax benefits must be carefully planned, documented and implemented to make sure that it can withstand scrutiny.

Here is a link to the FAQ's about Owning a Yacht Charter Business and Tax Advantages.

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Large Luxury Crewed Catamaran Ownership

Large Luxury Catamarans In Crewed Charter Business

Imagine anchoring your very own large luxury catamaran in an idyllic lagoon of a tropical island. Even better, turn this daydream into a reality with less financial prowess than you think possible.

For those of us who long for the lifestyle sailing brings, optimizing the ownership of a large catamaran with a few key components can truly make your dreams come true faster and with less risk and worry. It is reasonable and prudent to expect a valuable asset such as a large luxury catamaran to contribute to its upkeep as well as generate tax advantages to justify its existence, while also enjoying leisure and family time aboard yourself.

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impacts and opportunities in the tax cuts jobs act of 2017 for yacht businesses and buyersHow Tax Reform Affects Yacht Businesses in 2018

There are some nuggets for yacht buyers and charter yacht businesses in the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 signed by President Trump on December 22, 2017.

Highlights of changes that affect yacht owners are as follow:

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