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The boysThis testimonial is fairly special to us, not only because we consider the Allison family our friends, but also because they have done some tremendous work for us and our clients. We first met Craig when he refurbished our catamaran. He has since helped countless of our clients with both minor issues and major refurbishments on their catamarans. We never hesitated recommending his company, Maz Ocean, to sailing friends and clients. As small business owners in the marine industry, Craig and his wife, Hannah, take great pride in taking care of their clients.  Their charter base in Fort Lauderdale is small, but well run.

Craign and Hannah consulted us when they decided to realize their dream to buy a boat. We were delighted to help them figure out how to cost effectively own a yacht. They bought a Jeanneau 37 monohull. Though we teased that It is only "half a boat", we were happy to help set them up on the road to being fellow cruisers and happy boat owners. They have since taken two extended trips with their family and sent us this wonderful testimonial and pictures of their latest vacation to the Bahamas as "crusing yachties".

Exceptional Sailing School Instructors: Andy & Lisa Batchelor

SeaschoolWe have known Andy and Lisa Batchelor for a while and have the highest regard for their skills as experienced sailors and sailing instructors. Andy Batchelor, a retired wing commander from the Royal Air Force has received the “Outstanding Instructors” award five times. He is a USCG captain and ASA Instructor Evaluator. His lovely wife, Lisa Batchelor Frailey has had a successful career in the US Navy as a navigator, meteorologist and oceanographer. She too, is a USCG captain and has received the “Outstanding Instructors” award four times.

Founders of an award-winning ASA sailing school, they are a formidable team and together they have launched their new company, Kinetic Sailing. We highly recommend them as sailing school instructors. These two are also the authors of the brand new textbook “Bareboat Cruising Made Easy” – ASA course 104 - for the American Sailing Association (ASA).

How To Qualify Your Yacht For Tax Advantages

yacht as a business program qualifies u.s.-flagged vessels for tax advantagesThere is so much uncertainty about how a yacht can qualify as a small business and legitimately take tax deductions that will benefit you directly. The fact is that if you are a US tax payer and want to own your own yacht at a substantially reduced cost, this program will work for you and it is completely legal. There are many misconceptions about this program of yacht ownership, i.e., some people mistakenly believe that predominant use of the vessel has to be in the U.S. to qualify for tax advantages. That is incorrect.

U.S.-Owned Yachts Quality for Tax Advantages

A U.S.-flagged vessel is considered to be substantially part of the U.S. economy even if the vessel operates in foreign waters like BVI. If the corporation that owns the vessel is a U.S. entity, then it can be eligible for tax advantages related to the boat business. We have compiled a list of FAQ's about this "Yacht As A Business" program and charter yacht management but feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

"Proudly American" Launched For Independence Day

Proudly American US-made sailing and travel product reviewsWe launched our "Proudly American" section this week to celebrate America's Independence Day. We have lived and worked in the USA for the last 15 years and have been part of the marine industry in one way or another since our arrival. We have been fortunate to make a living here as immigrants and have been embraced by many Americans in their homes and communities. America has been good to us. We would like to give back in some small way.

So, even though we are not isolationists, and we believe that every country has something good to offer, we have decided to use our Catamaran Guru website to catalog as many great American products related to sailing and travel as we possibly can. We are not paid to promote these products. It's our gift to a generous people. Help us support our manufacturers and make the American industry stronger – We do! And we hope you will share the information you see here with your friends in social media or recommend a product for us to feature!

Happy Independence Day!

We kick the "Proudly American" section off with two products, Walker Bay Dinghy and Sirius Signal SOS Distress Light, that we actually purchased ourselves for our catamaran. Let us know what you think. Below you can suggest an American product for a feature article or browse our Proudly American articles. Enjoy!

NEW Catamaran Haulout Facility In Annapolis!

HauloutLast year, we spent a wonderful summer in Port Annapolis Marina, on board Zuri, our 45ft catamaran ( read our article - Chesapeake Bay Cruising At It's Best). The marina, overlooking Back Creek, is a picturesque waterfront facility and is conveniently close to downtown Annapolis. It is in every way a first class facility and really is the ideal setting for all boaters. The only problem with mooring a catamaran in Annapolis is the lack of a good haulout facility.

We all know that catamarans are becoming more and more popular everywhere, including the Chesapeake but the closest lift big enough to haul out catamarans, is in Pasadena, a two-hour trek north towards Baltimore. The facility is great but it is a major time sink to sail catamarans so far out of the way for a quick haulout! We have long said that marinas in the Chesapeake will have to make some infrastructure changes and invest in facilities to accommodate catamarans.

That is exactly what the management at Port Annapolis Marina did. Vice President, Scott Tinkler, very astutely seized this opportunity and invested in a 75 ton travel lift, big enough to accommodate catamarans up to a 26ft wide beam. The "humongous" travel lift is now operating and the haulout slip was widened for catamarans. Zuri, our Prout 45 was the first catamaran to be hauled out this season for a bottom cleaning and fresh coat of anti-fouling. It is so convenient. We encourage all catamaran owners in the area to support Port Annapolis Marina. You will not be sorry!

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