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Trivia: A History of "Grog"

GrogFrom the earliest days of sail, men (and sailorgirls) have had need of liquid during voyages. The most readily available were water and beer. Since watermakers hadn't been invented yet, water was taken on board and stored in casks, and topped up on route at ports of call. Beer was also stored in casks and the ration for seamen was a gallon a day. Water would quickly develop algae and turn slimy, and beer would turn sour. So the custom was to drink the beer before it soured and then turn to water. Stale water could be sweetened to make it more palatable, and was often sweetened with beer or wine. As the British Empire grew and longer voyages became more common, the problem of spoilage and shortages increased.

In 1655 Vice-Admiral William Penn arrived in Barbados and captured Jamaica during his campaign for Cromwell in the Indies. Unfortunately Jamaica had few stores of beer or wine. Jamaica did, however, have rum. Penn began the use of rum as a ration in place of beer.

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Boat Names: Is It Really That Important?

Boat NamesA boat is not just a boat to a "true-blue cruiser". It's our home, our life, our "escape pod" and we feel very attached to every part of that boat, including the name. So when we name the boat, it should be done with careful consideration, selecting a name that is significant to the owner. Traditionally, boats were traditionally give female names after goddesses or mythical figures, but that tradition has changed.

Modern pleasure vessels are named virtually anything from the rather unfortunate monikers like "Breakin' Wind" or "Blow Me" to the utterly ridiculous like "Fartbutt" (those are real registered boat names!). Others are just plain lame like "Sea U Soon" or "Autopsea". Funny, maybe. But what if you need to call the Coast Guard saying: "Ya Sister's Ass", "Ya Sister's Ass", "Ya Sister's Ass" (again, a real registered boat name) ? Hmmm...

We have to admit that some names are really funny, if inappropriate. Here is a list of the all time wittiest boat names compiled for Mailonline.

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Why are Boats Named After Women?

outremer sailing catamaranFor centuries, mankind has braved the ocean in an effort to explore the wide-open spaces of the world. Boating is now more of a pasttime than a necessity, although many of the old nautical traditions still exist. One of the most enduring traditions of the sea is the concept of naming a vessel. Boats are historically named after women, although it has always been a bit of a mystery as to why this tradition exists.

Boat Naming History

Since the beginning of recorded history, man has used water crafts to travel and explore the world. Each civilization has its own traditions regarding naming boats, but they are most often feminine names. While it is not known exactly why ships are named after female figures, there are two prominent theories. One hypothesizes that boats were named after goddesses and other mythical figures, and later shifted to popular feminine names as recognition of gods and goddesses faded. The second major theory focuses on the basis of European languages. A number of languages, such as German and French, have a complex system of gender involving grammatical terms in which objects are assigned specific masculine or feminine tones. Olde English also used this system of naming, with many inanimate objects such as boats referred to in the feminine form. As the English language changed and evolved, the tradition of using this feminine form for ship names continued and is still present today.

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Trivia: What the heck is Scurvy really? And how do I not get it?

citrus fruit prevents scurvy

Scurvy is a deficiency that is caused by a lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in a person's diet. Vitamin C is essential for the maintenance of the normal structure of the connective tissues. Scurvy causes your teeth to fall out, the end of your finger nails to decay, black spots on your skin, and your legs to bow into a frog-like position.

Scurvy is cured and prevented by a diet high in vitamin C. Limes have vitamin C. Mojitos have lime juice. Therefore you can consider it a medicinal treatment to sip upon a cold Mojito at sunset.

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