New Yachts vs Pre-Owned Yachts & Charter Yachts

There is always much debate about which is better to buy: New or Used Yachts?

There are pros and cons to each option. Buying a new yacht does not guarantee a trouble free yacht. Yes, there may be warranties to cover repairs, but even that does not ensure a hassle-free yacht. And buying a new yacht results in a big depreciation of the vessel the minute the yacht hits the water.

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Top Reasons Your Boat Listing Will Not Sell

Selling a catamaran

The Catamaran Is Priced Wrong

The right price is a function of supply and demand. But how do you know how "in demand" your boat type and model is? How do you know if the location matters for your boat? What are others asking for similar boats? It takes experience to know the answers to these questions as well as access to a large database of boat listings. A yacht broker earns their commission by knowing how to use the information they have to price your boat fairly...for you and for buyers.

A broker can help you objectively assess the condition and features of your boat as well as find comparable boats so that you have a realistic view of not only price, but how long the boat is likely to be on the market. Pricing your boat correctly from the start may save you months of insurance, dockage rental, maintenance, and cleaning fees, insurance costs etc. Do not take any brokers advice personally, but see it as the business transaction that it is.

See here what Catamaran Guru™ can do for you as a selling broker.

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Couple Quit Jobs To Start A Catamaran Charter Business

Charter Yacht Business

Several of our yacht buyers in the past five years have bought catamarans to use in a crewed charter business. Establishing and running your own yacht charter business is one of the most cost-effective ways to own a big luxury catamaran. Since the boat is operated as a business, the owners can reduce the costs of ownership by using available tax advantages as well as charter income. This makes it a very attractive proposition for couples who love sailing and adventure and is ready for a change in lifestyle. 

Kristiann and Graham, a couple from Texas, came to us just over a year ago with their dream of buying a catamaran. Their ultimate goal was to buy a catamaran and place it in a crewed charter program with them as owner operators. They had already done their research, but engaged us to help facilitate the purchase of their catamaran from Fountaine Pajot in France and to help them navigate the catamaran buying process. To ensure their path to success, we also guided them through the process of setting up their crewed charter business in the Caribbean with Dream Yacht Charter, one of the biggest and most flexible charter companies in the world.

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Tips to An Affordable Yacht Loan

how to plan to get a yacht loanNeed a yacht loan to make your dream of yacht ownership real? For most people, it feels like a nightmare on the way to their dream. But, it needn't be. With a lot of research and a little planning, you'll be sailing into the sunset knowing you got an affordable yacht loan that suits your financial situation. 

Are You Qualified? What Marine Lenders Look For

  • Liquid assets for the required down payment and coverage of the loan payments for a year in case income situations change
  • Your debt-to-income ratio
  • Lenders would like you to have boating experience and this affects their approval
  • It helps to have credit history for other big-ticket items–another boat, or a home would usually work

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Follow These Tips For A Quick Sale Of Your Catamaran

Quick saleTrying to sell your catamaran? As we all know, first impressions are crucial. Here are our top tips to sell your boat more quickly and for a higher price.

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