Insist On Being A Valued Client, Not Just A Transcation!

SEASCHOOLWhile selling catamarans is our business and we obviously would like to sell as many catamarans as we can, we sometimes have to advise people against buying a boat. One thing we will NOT do, is tell a buyer what they want to hear to make a sale. If a boat is not a good fit for the buyer or their choice of boat does not fit their budget or sailing application, we will try to steer them right. It is quite simply the right thing to do, even if that means not selling the boat at all.

Last week we had a client who came to us for advice, expecting to be sold on one of the ownership solutions that we tout on the website. However, after Brian and his wife relayed their situation to us, we knew that they needed to go a different way. Brian will retire in 3-5 years and he and his wife want to buy a boat to liveaboard on and go cruising after retirement.

Read on by clicking "read more" at the left to hear exactly how serious we are about being buyers' brokers...on the catamaran buyers' side even when it means not making a sale.

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Own A Luxury Crewed Charter Catamaran With Guaranteed Income

Lagoon 620 Catamaran For Sale

Dream Yacht, the world leader in yacht charter has made a limited number of large catamarans available to Catamaran Guru™ to be placed into luxury crewed charter management in the Caribbean.

We have 2016 Lagoon 620 catamarans & Fountaine Pajot Ipanema 58 catamarans available for luxury crewed charter management. The program GUARANTEES an 8.5% ANNUAL INCOME of the delivered price of the boat. The program runs for 72 months and all boats are professionally crewed. 

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Easy Ways To Save BIG On Your Catamaran Purchase

boat show 2While choosing the right catamaran is a very personal thing, you can avoid a costly blunder or bad experience if you pay attention to certain catamaran buying trends. For example, with the Euro being so low right now, buying a new French-built catamaran really makes sense. People have caught on to the fact that the French manufactured catamarans like Catana, Lagoon and Fountaine Pajot are very affordable with the favorable exchange rate. You can literally save tens of thousands of dollars on a brand new catamaran. This is very unusual and not exactly a steady and reliable buying trend, but certainly a welcome anomaly for buyers. As production sells out, the French manufacturers will definitely hike up the prices, so it certainly is a great reason to buy a catamaran now.

Catamaran Buying Tips

That brings me to the easy and simple ways to save money on a catamaran purchase. When and where you buy a catamaran can make a big difference in the price you will ultimately pay. Saving on luxury catamarans for sale is very dependent on the time of year and the region you find the boat in. These catamaran buying tips are obviously general but can save you thousands of dollars!

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When Are Catamaran Sailboats For Sale At The Lowest Prices?

Catamarans For SaleCheap yachts sounds like an oxymoron. But there are times of the year when you can find catamaran sailboats for sale at lower prices than at other times of the year. Saving on luxury yachts for sale is very dependent on the time of year and the region you find the boat of your dreams.

Pre-Owned Yacht Prices In The Fall In The Northeast US

On the northeast coast of the US, pre-owned sailboat prices typically are lower in the fall when winter looms. Boat owners have to either lay their boats up for winter or sell it. Winterizing a boat is time-consuming and costly. Even though the boat will be hauled out, you still have to pay the same dockage / storage fees and insurance while the boat is winterized for six months or more.

The seller is often willing to be more flexible about negotiating price to avoid the costs and hassles. Buying a catamaran or any other type of sailboat in the US Northeast in the fall can save you not only on the price, but also the boat seller is more likely to agree to have identified defects repaired at his cost. If you buy your yacht at this time, you can walk away with a superb deal, especially with a good negotiator at your side.

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Charter Yachts: Good Or Bad Deal?

charter boats

Stephen recently replied to a post on Cruisers Forum with the permission of the moderator about a discussion of charter boat ownership. It is a discussion worth having and I hope our readers will find the information useful.

 "...First, thank you to this forum’s moderators for letting us post this, since we had been named in this thread. We feel that this post is an opportunity to explain a lot of little-known but essential components relative to the purchase of a charter boat, whether pre-owned or brand new.

Buying A Pre-Owned Charter Yacht Out Of A Charter Fleet

Charter companies are central to this discussion. Without them the cost of catamarans would probably be beyond the reach of most people. It is true that charter vessels take knocks during their charter life but it is important to know that yachts (unlike vehicles) are infinitely refurbishable. Even if you buy a used charter yacht it is possible to restore it to “as new”, provided that the boat is structurally sound to start with.

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