American Product Review: AIR Silent X Off-Grid Marine Wind Turbine

primus wind power air silent x off grid marine wind turbineHarnessing the wind to sail the globe has been used for millennia, but wind is not just for propulsion. Small wind turbines like the AIR Silent X, manufactured by Primus Wind Power in Lakewood, Colorado, make it possible to enjoy modern conveniences while sailing. These super quiet off-grid wind turbines charge the boat’s battery banks while sailing or at anchor. As the number of electronic gadgets multiply and refrigerators and air conditioning units get larger, wind power generation is the a great way to supplement energy and to meeting these new demands.

Wind turbines on boats have been around for a while. No doubt if you have been sailing for years, you have experienced the loud, sometimes unreliable older versions. We tried several types on our previous boats and we finally opted to do away with the wind turbine because of the noise. However, Primus Wind Power offers the next generation of small, reliable, and lightweight wind turbines using a quiet carbon fiber “blue blade” that delivers an impressive energy output from a 1.2-meter rotor diameter turbine at an affordable price. Primus’ worldwide network of dealers and distributors makes repair and technical support convenient no matter where your sails take you. It seems to be a lot more quiet than the ones we used and delivers a lot more energy.

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American Product Review: Aurinco Solar Panels

aurinco solar panels bimini voyager 420UPDATE November 2016: After 10 years in the marine solar panel business, Aurinco owners found it increasingly difficult to compete with imports from countries with low-cost labor often using forged certificates of origin to successfully get them into the US. So Patrik and Cordelia, the owners of Aurinco and now in their 70's, are retiring except Patrik is continuing to work on custom installations.

What happens when a sailor (from birth) becomes a scientist? Innovation in sailing! Patrik Swanljung, a native of Finland, was born into a sailing and boating family. After receiving his Ph.D. in science from the Royal University of Stockholm, he embarked on a medical technology career for 30 years. In 2001, he leapt at the chance to found Aurinco and apply his scientific mind to technology for sailing, his first love. He holds patents for several solar-related inventions. But bringing solar (both electric and thermal) to sailboats was a boon to all sailors who wanted to enjoy:

  • landlubbing creature comforts such as refrigeration, microwave oven, and ice-making
  • computer-driven electronics for navigation and entertainment
  • labor-saving devices such as anchor windlass.

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American Product Review: Arid Bilge Pumps

While at the Annapolis Boat Show, we had the pleasure of visiting with Carina and Al Baurley of Arid Bilge Systems. They are on a mission to eliminate "old boat smell". The cause of that distinct smell is humidity, condensation, and other sources of liquid that your boat's bilge pumps do not remove. Not only is it stinky, but allowing wet conditions to remain in nooks and crannies of your bilge can cause health problems and rapidly deteriorate the equipment and finish on your boat. So, what's the solution?

The patented Dry Bilge Machine offers a variety of liquid pickup devices that are small with clever shapes that allow them to reach the last drop of fluid in your bilge. The microprocessor makes the dry bilge efficient and automatic.

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