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 Charter Income & Tax Advantages

Because yacht ownership could be very be expensive, we are always looking for ways to offset the cost of yacht ownership. We have helped many of our owners, reduce the cost of ownership with charter income and tax advantages. Explore all the avenues here.

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Why catamaran

Catamarans: The Future Of Sailing?

This 137-year old concept, revived by the 2013 America's Cup and accelerated by limitless budgets and rapid innovation and technology, is propelling catamaran popularity into the general sailing community with spectacular speed. Nothing beats their comfort, speed and safety.

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Catamarans For Sale

How To Buy Your Catamaran

Our website is loaded with tips, guides and useful information for anyone looking to buy a catamaran. We offer expert analysis of the yacht's value based on configuration, location, cosmetics and overall current supply/demand for similar models.

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BALI 4.5 Catamaran & BALI 4.3 Catamaran AT Annapolis Show

Bali43 front view

The BALI Catamaran Range is truly unique boats! Both the BALI 4.5 and the BALI 4.3 will be unveiled for the first time at the Annapolis Sailboat Show in October! We have been involved with BALI catamarans since its inception and we are very excited to see how these catamarans will be received here in the U.S. BALI catamaran's very unique features, coupled with the prestigious Catana name, makes this range of catamarans a force to be reckoned with. Judging by the enthusiastic response from the European boat shows, we are sure that it will be a hit here.

The BALI 4.5 catamaran by Catana interesting features:

• No more unprotected stern mounted steering. The bulkhead steering is new.Bali43 interior
• No daggerboards - much easier to sail for a bigger market of cruisers.
• Solid foredeck provides the biggest and most comfortable cockpit area of any catamaran.
• Take a 360 Tour of the Bali 4.5 (click on the green dots on the inset photo to tour different areas).
SLIDESHOW & our Bali 4.5 FULL REVIEW & Test Sail

The BALI 4.3 Catamaran by Catana unique features:

• single cockpit /saloon area with a totally flush deck
• entirely free of bulkheads
• accessed by a huge retractable glass door on electric struts
Read this Review of the Bali 4.3 >>
• Video of the retractable door, interior and deck layout>>

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DrSails Adhesive is a two-component epoxy adhesive ideal for fast, flexible and underwater curing and is especially designed to repair sails. DrSails, being a flexible glue that will work with wet substrates and sail material is a simple solution for sail repair. Read More>>

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 MagicEzy Chip FixThis innovative product was developed by MagicEzy CEO Warwick David Lindsay, It is designed to easily fix scratches in gelcoat with little skill or effort. This makes repairs as simple as filling the damage, smooth the area, and letting it dry. Read more>>

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learn to sail

Catamaran Guru has teamed up with NauticEd, the most innovative and best sailing education governing body in the USA, to bring you the newest, fastest, and easiest way to learn to sail and qualify for chartering a boat on your own. This is a revolutionary way to get the skill sets needed to be the safest, most competent sailor possible. Once the NauticEd courses/clinics and Catamaran Guru practical training are completed and passed, your certificate and accomplishments will be recognized and respected worldwide. 
View all the NauticEd  Sailing Courses now, two free online courses are waiting for you. At Catamaran Guru, we believe the NauticEd Catamaran Sailing Confidence Course online or via iPad is a must take.


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 ...because we practice what we preach!

Our "Dream Job" is also our "Dream Life"

Stephen and Estelle Cockcroft

 CG 144x144We have sailed 50,000+ blue water miles

CG 144x144Live-aboards for the past 22yrs and counting

CG 144x144Built our own boat and sailed to 46+ countries

CG 144x144Part-owned a catamaran manufacturing facility

CG 144x144Consulting with major catamaran manufacturers

CG 144x144We are the experts in our field 

CG 144x144We are passionate catamaran sailors, racers and voyagers. View Our Profiles>>

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We Don't Only Teach You Sailing Techniques.

We Teach You The Sailing Lifestyle!

Sailing School

We have been involved in sail training for ASA since 1996. Many of our graduates have successfully moved on to owning their own boats and are long term cruisers or charter boat owners, like Reg & Rita in this picture on their Prout 50 called R&R. 

The ASA sail training courses provide a good grounding for all new sailors and the weeklong live-aboard courses are invaluable for anyone who plan to own their own boat. We work with some of the best training facilities in the USA, Bahamas and Caribbean to provide top notch training. Learn to Sail>>

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We take pride in our happy clients and now, good

friends and fellow sailors!    -Stephen & Estelle

Lagoon 400

Alan R. Lagoon 400 "Rendezvous"

With Stephen's expert and patient assistance, I was able to move rapidly from just considering charter yacht purchase to now eagerly awaiting the imminent delivery to BVI of a new 2014 Lagoon 400 S2. His advice has been impeccable... Read More>>  

katloMackie & Kathy C. Lagoon 450 "Katlo"

Please let the email serve as a professional reference of the highest caliber for Stephen Cockcroft while functioning in the capacity of a yacht broker. My wife, Kathy, and I just recently purchased a new Lagoon 450 and were very impressed how Stephen managed the entire process. Read more>>

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